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Welcome to my DA Gallery. Here I have everything organize the best I see fit. Here you can see my newest and more improved artwork and my past very crappy artwork. Here you can come to see Crossovers of different varieties and some old and not much sadly of my OTP. Though there's hardly any work of my otp's several Groups I'm in will inform you.

So okay it's simple: You may critique. I would highly recommend it. But only on new recent pictures, and it'll also help to send me links of any good tutorials in area's I'm bombing in. Welp I hope you guys like what you see and if so comment and tell me what you think.

Love Sapphire Flame~ :heart:




Regarding some art status!!!


The bae squad!

Artist that really inspired me to push myself (Check them out sometime ;) )



AmyTheHedgehog has started a donation pool!
281 / 20,000
I do point commissions :D

Chibi- 20 points w/o BG
Bust- 45 points
Full body- 60 points w/o BG

Chibi- 40 points w/o BG
Bust- 65 points
Full Body- 70 points w/o BG

10 point for each character
30 points for background

:iconpointcommissionsopen: Open! :iconpointcommissionsopen:


Don't get me wrong though. We all have things that may seem weird to others, but I don't feel comfortable drawing it. As far as nudes go... I don't know how to draw penis' or decent clits and boobs so it wouldn't look right. Give me a few years and we'll see what happens ;)

For more info go here! --->…

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Sapphire Sky
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
United States
Welcome to my DA page. I'm not that good of an artist but I'm fully opened to critique's to help improve my artwork. I also love to spend time on WoW and Tumblr, so if you want to follow me on Tumblr just send a note and I'll send it to you.

I hope you guys have fun and check out my gallery and you know just relax and be cool okay. no need to write hateful things but stay, browse, and don't be afraid to critique.

Current Residence: Everywhere and Nowhere
Favorite genre of music: Pop, j-pop, rock, R&B, etc..
Favorite style of art: It's hard to choose
Personal Quote: Why do all the best characters die?!
Favorite cartoon character:

Final Fantasy series: Rikku, Tidus, Yuna, Auron, Rin (FFX), Zack Fair, Yuffie Kisaragi, Aeris Gainsborough, Vincent Valentine, Rude, Reno (FFVII), Garnet Til Alexandros XVII, Zidane Tribal, Eiko Carol, Vivi Onitier, Freya Crescent (FFIX), Oerba Dia Vanille, Oerba Yun Fang, Serah Farron (FFXIII)

Naruto: Sakura Haruno, Tsunade, Jiraiya, Orochimaru, Zabuza Momochi, Capt. (Tenzo) Yamato, Shizune, Kabuto Yakushi, Hidan

Bleach: Neliel Tu Odelshvank, Nnoitra Gilga, Riruka Dokugamine, Rukia Kuchiki, Kenpachi Zaraki, Lillinette Gingerback

Blue Exorcist: Shiemi Moriyama, Izumo Kamiki, Paku Noriko, Rin Okumura, Shura Kirigakure, Mephisto Pheles, Amaimon, Shiro Fujimoto, Renzo Shima
  • Mood: Hungry
  • Listening to: TV
  • Reading: RP's, Fan fics, the usu
  • Watching: I love Lucy/ people play FnaF
  • Playing: WoW and Final Fantasy X/X2 HD Remastered
  • Eating: good question..
  • Drinking: diet soda
After much thought and inspiration from a good friend of mine I decided it was time I change the way I do stuff!

Concerning few of the matters...:


  • :iconrequestfriendsonly:- Meaning that request are very close friends of mine. Don't get me wrong, I appreciate all my Watchers and that fact you considered Watching me is a great boost to my self esteem. However, if you go basically periods on end and never once comment or even chat with me, then do not ask me for a request. I've had people in the past do that and it just doesn't fly with me, ya know? And DO NOT ask me "We're friends right?" or "Am I a close friend?" Because the possible answer will be "No". If you been active with me, even in past deviations (Even from months ago) and we've conversed several times back and forth, then you are a in the friend category. (I just friendzoned all of ya! *SHOT SO MANY TIMES)
  • :iconarttradesfriendsonly:- Like above, you must be a close friend of mine. I appreciate that you love my style and want to see me draw a character, whether someone else's or your own. I'll only do it with people that's been close to me.
  • :icongiftsfriendsonly:- If you got to ask me for a gift, that's.... It wouldn't be even considered a gift more like a request. But if asking me to draw something for another person... You'll have to check out my Point Commissions below.
  • :iconnokiribans:- Really I don't. It's cool that someone notices my pageviews, but I won't give you anything for that..

Point Commissions/Commissions:

:iconpointcommissionsopen: I am open for PC So feel free to donate to the pool! :iconpointcommissionsopen:
As for right now I am opened for Point Commissions so if you want something you'll just have to donate! :) You'll find the donation pool on my front page, but even so I'll put the prices up here:

  •      Traditional
  • Chibi- 20 points w/o BG
  • Bust- 45 points
  • Full body- 60 points w/o BG

  •    Digital
  • Chibi- 40 points w/o BG
  • Bust- 65 points
  • Full Body- 70 points w/o BG

  •    Additional
  • 10 point for each character
  • 30 points for background

Now there are a few things I will not draw:

  • Fetish Art: Don't get me wrong though. We all have things that may seem weird to others, but I don't feel comfortable drawing it. Meaning I will not draw bloated ball like people, vore, spankings, feet tickling, crushing (Especially that!) Mpreg, etc... 
  • Porn: I'm not a NSFW kinda persion. (Yet...)
  • Nudes: Not that I don't want to. I haven't practice enough in the nude scene so I have no idea how to draw pubes and/or penis'. I only no how to do no tit boobs, so that I gotta work on. Until I learn how to draw proper nudes, it'll remain in this list.
  • Offensive pieces: Under no circumstance will I draw things that'll greatly offend me or other people! That means sacrilegious or satanic pieces. I won't draw anything making fun of other religions! I'm not Seth MacFarland, I don't find that stuff funny. No racial pictures depicting them in stereotypical matters. (I don't mean Hetalia, because you can make fan art that's funny, but respectful) I mean like asking me for a picture of a Muslim with bombs strapped to them running into a US bank or something. Once again: I am NOT Seth Macfarland!
  • Politic pieces: I don't know much about politics to be honest. Only that the government takes and takes and doesn't give back to the people that really need it and when push comes to shove they sugar coat the matter. (I guess I do know a lot about politics! 8D)
  • Gory killings of a character: I understand we have that character that makes us cringe, but I'm not going to draw pictures of them dying brutal deaths. Now if it's crossover pictures like Dangan Ronpa/Saw like or something then I might make an exception. And even still the picture will be limited in the area. I WILL NOT DRAW THEIR ORGANS GUSHING OUT LIKE A SHAKEN PEPSI BOTTLE ON A HOT SUMMER DAY!
  • Anthros: I actually would like to, but I have zero experience in that area, so for now I won't draw it until I actually can do it! Once I do, then I'll remove it from this list.

Things I will draw:

What's not on the list above! 8D Meaning, but not limited: These are just a few examples

  • Yaoi/yuri: Despite things I have said over the years, I have become more opened minded on different sexualities. I won't draw tasteless pieces though. I won't draw two guys making out and pushing a girl into an on coming bus. I won't accept that unrealistic stuff they portray in some medias. 
  • Cartoons: Despite drawing in anime style I am practicing more Western style as well. Can't have one with out the other!
  • OC'S: I'll draw them. sometimes I see people's character's and I sit there like, "OHMIGOSHI I WAANNA DRAW THAT!! :heart:"
  • Horror Art: Do not ask me my fave horror films because I won't shut up. Once I start I won't stop! Not to be confused with the gore on the list above, I will draw horror pieces of artwork. If you want saaaay... Billy from "Saw" together with Annabelle from the movie "The Conjuring" and the newest film this Oct. "Annabelle" watching that boy from the movie "Insidious" then yeah I'll do it! Oh my gosh I am a huge horror addict!

Those are just examples of things that you may not have known for sure of what I will draw.

Regarding actual Commissions, well I have do do more research and actually know what to do!

If there are any more questions that are not on here, let me know so I can add them. I got to make sure of things, ya know!

To Do List:
:icontsunade183:- Hana and Orochimaru with their kids.

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